Saturday, June 13, 2015

My new blog "Below The Turret Ring"

I have decided to start a blog. As you most likely don't know me, let me tell you a bit about my experience with blogging or hosting my own websites:
I am usually quite enthusiastic about it on the first few days, but after a certain time I might get distracted and end up posting just once every few months. Maybe this blog will die after a weeks of posting, maybe it will stay here for a year or more. Let's see where this journey leads!

What is this blog about? 

This blog is about tanks and modern weaponry mainly. The whole topic might be cross-linked to the new game Armored Warfare from Obsidian, which is currently in the early access stage (and quite fun to play).
I try to write articles based on my amateur knowledge of modern vehicles, modern technology and politics. If I find some interesting news topics, I might post them here and discuss them.

Why the name? 

Well, obviously I am very unimaginative. I failed at coming up with a better name within the 15 minutes of deciding to start a new blog. I wanted some name that is a methapor for being inside the topic and this was the first idea that has anything to do with tanks. E.g. several tanks - like the Isreali Merkava and the British Chieftain - are designed to store potential sources of explosion (propellant charges and ammunition) below the turret ring to increase the chances of the crew surviving after the armor has been penetrated.
I don't know if this is possible with blogger, but in case of me finding a better name, I might rename this blog.

Anything else to know?

I am not a very fluent speaker or writer of the English language, as it is not my mothertongue. Please feel free to correct and criticize me when I make horrendous gramatical or spelling errors - otherwise I'll never learn to do it correct!

- blogger_mm


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