Monday, September 7, 2015

AMV 35 CRV revealed

Patria and BAE have teamed up to participate in the LAND 400 program from the Australian army.
The LAND 400 seeks for a wheeled vehicle with heavy armor (STANAG 4569 level 6 - protection against 30 mm APFSDS at the frontal arc) in the versions Combat Reconnaissance Vehicle (CRV), Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV), Manoeuvre Support Vehicle (MSV) and Integrated Training System (ITS).

The vehicle chosen as part of the LAND 400 program is expected to replace the old M113AS4 IFV (a version of the M113 with 25 mm gun turret) vehicles and replace a number of ASLAVs (a version of the Swiss Piranha).

Illustration of the AMV 35 CRV from Patria - it's a photoshopped image.

The AMV 35 CRV seems to be a normal Patria AMV hull fitted with the turret of the BAE CV9035. The turret is housing an exteranlly-powered 35 mm Bushmaster III autocannon, which offers increased lethality over the more common 25 and 30 mm calibers. A barrel swap allows the usage of larger 50 mm supershot ammunition.
However ammunition stowage is poor compared to smaller calibers. The CV9035 has 2 belts of 35 rounds each loaden in the main gun, which is what should be expected from the AMV 35 CRV aswell. A total of 140 further rounds are stored inside the CV9035, a similar number of additional ammunition might be stored in the AMV 35 CRV.

The turret is a welded steel construction which is fitted with additional modules of composite armor and the SAAB Universal Tank and Anti-Aircraft Sight (UTAAS) fire control system.

The Patria Advanced Modular Vehicle (AMV) is a proven 8 x 8 wheeled vehicle, which has been rather successful on the export market in the past years.

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