Saturday, July 4, 2015

Kuwait buys 12 Fuchs 2 NBC reconnaissance vehicles

Rheinmetall is selling 12 Fuchs 2 NBC reconnaissance vehicles to Kuwait. 

The Fuchs NBC reconnaissance version has been adopted by several countries including Germany, the UK, the United States, Saudi-Arabia, Turkey, Israel, Venezuela, the UAE, Norway (leased) and Kuwait.

The Fuchs 2 is an improved version of the original Fuchs from the Germany army. It features a more powerful engine, a modular applique armor system, increased payload and a digitalized interior system.
This version has been adopted by the UAE, while the US Army upgraded a number of their FOX vehicles to Fuchs 2 configuration.

However Rheinmetall still fails to export it's most recent wheeled vehicle, the Survivor R, which has been extensively marketed as Survivor R CBRN for NBC reconnaissance. As Kuwait already operated the Fuchs, it is a logical decision to go for the Fuchs 2.

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