Thursday, July 30, 2015

Low activity...

So, it seems that my attempt to create a blog and keep it running is about to end within the first two months. I have tried to find to time for writing posts, but I have only found enough time to post a few recaps of news articles (with my opinion added in a few sentences) in the past.

I actually am still trying to write more posts of higher quality,  but everytime I end up looking for proper sources - and imo sources are very important - I require lots of time (was it written in this book or that book - or was it on a website?). This results in very little progression, specifically when looking at how much I want to write (currently this blog has 20 published posts, but a further 17 are in the making...).

For some posts time is not necessarily a critical factor, but when I want to write about more or less recent news (or my opinion about the second early access phase of Armored Warfare...), not publishing the posts within a few days makes them rather useless.

Let's see what will happen here. Maybe I will write more recapitulations of news; maybe I will make longer and more detailed posts, but reduce the frequency to one or two posts a month. Maybe I will have time to focus more on AW... let's see.

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