Saturday, July 4, 2015

Slovakia increases AMV orders

Slovakia has decided to buy a further 30 AMV armored personnel carriers. These are to be made in Poland, following a Slovakian-Polish cooperation argreement.

Slovakia plans to buy 30 armored personnel carriers (APC) from Poland over the next three years in a deal worth about $32 million, Polish Prime Minister Ewa Kopacz said on Friday.
Under the agreement, Slovak firms will jointly develop the vehicles with Poland, and provide turrets for the APCs, Kopacz said at a joint news conference with Slovak counterpart Robert Fico.
The vehicles will be an updated version of the Rosomak APC, manufactured in southern Poland under a license agreement with Finnish firm Patria. Kopacz said she hoped the model could be exported globally.

A European Union embargo on arms imports from Russia has pushed Slovakia, among other EU states, to accelerate its transition from Russian-made military hardware to NATO-standard weaponry.

Source: Reuters 

Author's opinion: The modernization of the East-European armies has been delayed by politics and budgetary problems for far too long. Only the Ukraine crisis has risen the awareness for the harsh truth about modern international politics.
Seeing Slovakia buy more Patria AMVs is a good thing, but it's only possible, because the troubles started in the Ukraine. What would have happened, if a EU or a NATO country would have been the target of Russia's aggressive expansion policy? 

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